Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making A Comeback

I haven't blogged since December 10, 2011. Somehow I got out of the habit of blogging and I guess life just got too crazy and I stopped making time. I have kind of missed my blog and I have been thinking I would start it up again and had the idea I would start again on October 13, my birthday which was last Saturday. That didn't happen but better late than never.

 I probably should catch up with what has happened in 2012. I feel like this has just been one of the best years of my life. I actually know a lot of people who think it is has been a terrible year, including my husband but for me personally it has been a great year. A few really sad things happened - my sweet fluffy white cat, Trista, died in May. We put her to sleep after the onset of a sudden illness and the diagnosis of lymphoma. My husband's mom died in August after a long, brave battle with brain cancer. Those are the sad things but wonderful things have happened too.


 In June I adopted another Siamese kitten from the Humane Society and named him Chester, and in August I adopted a dog from Small Dog Rescue--a Papillon Chihuahua mix who I named Violet. These two have added so much joy to my life and I had room in my heart (and home) for a few more pets. That brings us up to 3 cats and 2 dogs and I think that 5 is a good round number.



 In February I also traded in my VW Beetle convertible, Daisy (shocking a few people) for a yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse named Daisy 2. I have owned several other Eclipses and I really do love this car. I just couldn't keep driving an automatic so I drove 5 hours to purchase the perfect car with a 6-speed stick shift. It was fun owning a Beetle and I would buy another one--just as long as it is a stick shift. Lesson learned.

 I have been on a few trips this year--one in May to Savannah and Charleston, which was wonderful. I have always wanted to visit the South and both cities are so historical. I want to go back someday and spend more time. In July I went to Vegas for a girlfriend's wedding-that was a quick weekend but also very fun (and hot!). I flew to Boston for Eric's mom's funeral which doesn't really count as a trip because it was not for fun even though I flew first class. We will be headed back to the East Coast at Christmas time and also to Southern California for our anniversary in December - 10 years.



 I also had a very fun birthday weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin--sort of an under-rated city. We stayed at the Iron Horse Hotel which is rated as one of the top boutique hotels in the whole United States. They are a very dog friendly establishment, which is how I chose the Iron Horse - I Googled dog friendly hotel properties in the Midwest. They completely spoiled my dogs with treats and toys, and so that also made my birthday special. It was a really rainy weekend and I just loved ordering room service and drinking wine and having my best buddies with me (Noodles and Violet).


 My husband started a new job in September. We ALMOST moved back to Des Moines...almost...but with everything going on with his mom he couldn't handle selling our house and moving to a new state--it was just too much. He accepted a position in DT Minneapolis which I know was the best career decision for him--but I was a little sad--there is a part of me that was ready to move. But it wasn't meant to be at this time. So that pretty much brings me current with what has happened this year. I am ready to start blogging again!