About Me

So a little bit about me-- I live in the Upper Midwest with my husband, Eric, 3 delightful and charming Siamese cats (Brie, Sophie and Chester), one slightly naughty Pug named Noodles, and Violet, a  Papillon Chihuahua mix. Although I have always lived in the Midwest (Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin) I one day plan to live in Southern California--for now I just visit as often as I can.  

I love shopping and have a bit of an obsession with Pinterest right now.   I am a Libra and a vegetarian.  I am a self-confessed shopaholic.  I can spend hours at the mall (and I do!). I always have to be reading something, always have to have a book. So it may sound corny, but I am a bit of a bookworm in addition to being a shopaholic. I also spend a lot of time in hair salons--I have a lot of hair people! I go to three different places so someone is always available at the last minute to do a blowout & style. I also have had many different colors of hair,  including some recent purple extensions.   

My day job is a receptionist for an upscale bath & body company. I am a design school dropout, but have always been an aspiring interior designer as well as a writer.  There is a book(s) in me somewhere!   

So that is me in a nutshell.  Hope you will stop back & visit my blog. I love to write and meet new people!