Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Things I Like

Kate Spade bicycle basket!

Philosophy Bubble Bath

Cute floral motif bag at Nordstrom

Random Outfits

So occasionally I do take pictures of myself in my bathroom mirror of what outfit I am wearing that day and then I find them later on my BlackBerry--ha ha!

So I just wanted to share a couple of outfits. Bear in mind, I am not a fashion blogger--I just like clothes and shopping and sometimes you will have to suffer through my self portraits!

This is my new pink skirt from H&M. Can you see Noodles sleeping behind me? Shoes are by Guess.

This is my Friday casual outfit. 2 layered tank tops, one from Target and the other from H&M, a floral cardigan from Forever 21, jeans are Silver, and bag is Coach.

Black and white floral skirt from Von Maur. BTW, yes, I am short--never more apparent than in these pictures!

Tree Progress

Just like Andie, I am keeping track of my tree's progress throughout the year. Earlier I showed you pictures of the tree in my front yard in February and early April. I wanted to show you pictures in mid-April when my tree is in full blossom - all pink and white and pretty!

And then this is the crab apple tree in front of my office.

By the way, if anyone knows what kind of tree I have in my yard, leave me a comment! I am pretty sure the tree in front of my office building is a crab apple, but I am only guessing!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beauty Forecast!

If you are a fan of like I am or still mourn the loss of the Weather Pixie, has a brand-new feature, the Beauty Forecast! Check it out!

Daily Beauty Forecast

Minneapolis, MN (55435)

Updated: Apr 29, 2010, 5:15pm CDT


Scattered T-Storms

Cool, huh? Tonight, I will need an umbrella, hairspray and lip balm!

Overnight Low
54° F
Precip: 60%
Wind: From WSW at 20 mph
Details | Webcam
° F | ° C

Tonight’s Check List

  • Umbrella
  • Hairspray
  • Lip Balm
  • UV Protection

Monday, April 19, 2010

Prom Dresses & Volunteerism

Last Friday, I volunteered at Richfield High School for Ever After Gowns. This is my 3rd year of doing this event.

Here is a little bit about the organization.

Ever After Gowns is a Minnesota-based, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Twin Cities-area young women by providing them with gently used formal gowns to be worn to their high school prom. The young women receive all the attire and accessories free of charge.

Started by a group of sorority sisters who saw a real need in the community, Ever After Gowns provides a “personal shopping” experience for young women (pre-selected by their high school guidance counselors, based on financial need) and offers them the opportunity to select from an amazing array of gowns. The gown they choose is theirs to keep, free of charge. There is a wide range of gowns for all tastes and sizes, as well as shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

And here are some pix from this year

Me, on the right


I LOVED this pink dress!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minnesota Bloggers Fun!

Cathy from Antsy Pants and Lisa from Mommy's Nest are planning a fun night out for Minnesota Bloggers.

Who: Minnesota Bloggers

When: Saturday, June 5, 6:00 PM

Where: Mall of America, Napa Valley Grille

Why: Why Not?

Please stop by Cathy and/or Lisa's blog and let them know if you would like to join us--as Cathy said, the more the merrier! Or leave me a comment and I can pass it on.

We can spend the evening eating, drinking, and talking about blogging, ourselves, and why Minnesota rocks.

Hope to see you there!

Good Bye Amanda!

It is time to bid adieu to "Ugly Betty" as it 4th and final season comes to an end tonight and so does the entire show. I will miss all the quirky characters and the entwined lives of Betty and her family and co-workers at Mode magazine--but I will especially miss Amanda, everyone's favorite sassy receptionist and fashionista!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Thoughts for Tuesday

My day got off to a bad start. I was having my favorite deviled eggs for breakfast and I kept tasting something "off" and there was a weird, crunchy texture to my eggs. Suddenly, a feeling of knowing & alarm swept through me and I turned the deviled egg package over. BACON CHEDDAR EGGS. From the deli at Kowalski's.


Yes, I ate a pig. I have been a vegetarian since I was 6 so I was horrified and disgusted. And I wanted to throw up. Which I probably would have if I wasn't at work.

So that was the first bad thing. Then there is the Mac computer at work that I wanted to buy. We are having a silent auction for this:

And all proceeds go to charity. Yesterday, I jumped in "whole hog" (yes, another pig reference, why stop now?) and bid $100 even though the minimum bid was $50. There is a small suggestion at the end of the bidding sheet that says don't go too crazy; these computers go for between $300 and $500 on eBay and Craig's List.

My husband popped a hole in my little balloon of happiness and told me to retract my bid because I don't need another Mac. I already have my Mac Book. I argued that I like having 2 of everything--I used to have 2 cars, and I have 2 bicycles and I would like 2 dogs. I like having backups.

But he was being a jerk about it and since I knew he would be the one who had to come up with the $100 anyhow (what with my No Shopping & all), I sadly took a big, black Sharpie and crossed my name out. Boo!

So now I just have a feeling of blah. I ate bacon and I am not getting my computer. I am trying to think of happy things.

I love my pastel green nail polish. It is precisely the color of my car. I got it to wear for Easter Brunch and Spring in general. My mom just shook her head at me because if nail polish is not pink or clear (in her book) it is not appropriate!

I hope I get something fun in the mail tonight! I am expecting a couple of packages from Jane Porter from a contest I won on her blog and also from the time she was giving away books just for anyone who had commented on that particular day. I am also hoping that Lys remembers to send me a cookbook and "Shoo Jimmy Choo, The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less & Saving More" and some Peeps, as promised.

At the very least I hope I am finally up to get the Bag Lady Papers from the Library. I have been waiting, waiting, waiting.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tree Progress

My pal Andie is doing a tree progress over on her blog and so I decided to take a leaf from her book. Get it? A leaf? Ha ha!

This is the tree in our front yard in February on Valentine's weekend.

And now in April

I forgot to take a picture in March, but at the time the branches were bare and there was a birds nest in the tree. I don't know what happened to the birds next.

I plan to take another picture in May.

Also, I don't know what kind of tree we have in our front yard!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Cute New Shop

If you live in Minneapolis, you should stop by and visit the newly opened Spruce Flowers & Home in South Minneapolis. They are in the cute neighborhood of 48th & Chicago. Stop by and get some flowers or an orchid or some succulents (like I did!).

And you can read more about Spruce here. It is owned by a former co-worker and very sweet person!

Saga of My Hair

In March I got a haircut with some layers and long sweeping bangs.

But I still needed to do something about the color. I had 3 colors of highlights and my roots were coming in really dark and I felt I should just go back to being a more natural brown and not spend so much money on expensive highlights.

So two weeks ago, I had Kat take me back to a more natural chocolate brown and leave some blonde highlights peeking out underneath.

But then two weeks went by and I felt too dark.

So then yesterday I asked for more highlights on top and around my face.

I am happy. But can you really see a difference? Because I can!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh, Kate Spade Why Must You Tempt Me So?

Just doing some idle browsing on and

I am convinced, yes, absolutely convinced that I need this adorable Must Love Dots totebag for $175.

And these $275 sandals.