Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Am Moving!

In 2007 I started Pretty Random Thoughts with all my random thoughts about shopping, pets, reality TV, getting my hair done, handbags, etc. And then in 2010 I started The Girl In Kate Spade Mittens as an off-shoot as I attempted to not shop and save money and cut out all credit card usage. That plan sort of crashed & burned in May when I went to Vegas and fell in love with a particular Kate Spade straw clutch. So that blog sort of morphed into more about what I bought and what I wore!

Now I am finding that it is impossible to do justice to both of my little blogs so I would like to combine then into one new, fabulous blog called Daisy, Chloe, Noodles and Petunia. Daisy is my cute little VW Beetle convertible, Chloe is the best Siamese cat in the world (r.i.p.), Noodles is my slightly naughty but wonderful Pug, and Petunia is my pink retro cruiser bicycle complete with a basket, flower and bell. So that is where the name came from.And the new blog will continue to be my random thoughts and also have lots of posts about shopping & what I wore. And I want it to have the same birthday as me, October 13th!'

I hope everyone will stop by my "new place" and become a follower, and to get things started I would like to have a Giveaway, so stay tuned!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Minnesota Bloggers Dinner

From left to right, Marcy, moi aka Lesli aka me, Lisa, Cathy and Margaret (not pictured Michael - he took the picture!)

A few weekends ago, I got together with my blogging friends again for dinner. This was our second outing - our first was back in June and you can read about that here. This time we met at La Grolla, a delightful Italian restaurant in a super-cute downtown St. Paul neighborhood that I really did not even know existed. I need to get to St. Paul more often. I admit, I am more of a Minneapolis girl but St. Paul is great, too! I really wish I did more things in St. Paul.

Please be sure to click on the link above - as well as being able to read about our first blogging dinner, you can get links to the blogs of these other fun and fabulous bloggers. Because it is after 5:00 at night & I really want to get out of the office, and I am too lazy to re-link. So please click & I apologize in advance for my laziness & for my bad blogging as of late.

Our next get-together is going to be a Christmas cookie baking exchange. Remember if you are a Minnesota blogger, we would love to meet you and we are lots of fun to hang out with! We laugh, we eat, we drink - it's great!

P.S. This time we were joined by Michael, a friend of Margaret's and he was just wonderful. He has a blog, too. Well, of course! I need to get that link for you.