Friday, November 9, 2012


I love Pinterest - I am a little bit obsessed with it right now. I also Pin for work on our company Pinterest boards but my personal boards are here.

I have one for Decorate, one for Style, one for Hair, one for Pugs, one for Things I Find Adorable, one for Fleurs and one for Le Cycle. Stop by and follow me if you would like, and also let me know if you Pin and I will follow you!

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never is often my motto in life. I wanted to do a little Halloween update. Halloween is always one of my favorite times of year - I love anything to do with black cats and witches. And candy. Definitely candy! My pets always get in on the action, too. My vet's office had a Halloween party and costume contest. My dogs never take home any prizes--I don't think I am original or inspired enough! Oh, I take that back--Noodles once won Most Humorous at a party when dressed as a bumble bee. Here they are - Noodles and Violet on their way to the party.
Noodles was a football player and Violet a cheerleader. Her skirt wouldn't stay on. This is Halloween evening. Violet switched to a dress and Noodles a shirt!
Chester was a vampire
I am always a cat or a witch.
And that is my little Halloween update!