Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday On A Wednesday Because I Am Late Like That

Today's 10 on Tuesday are inspired by Amber at A Little Pink in The Cornfields, of course! 

1. What’s the recipe for your favorite drink? (Smoothie, alcoholic, coffee, whatever.)

I can’t think of any drink recipes right off the top of my head unless it would be a mimosa (orange juice & champagne, easy peasy) otherwise I take my coffee black, my water with lemon, and my iced tea with lemonade (good old Arnie Palmer!). In a related matter, I really want to try the strawberry frozen lemonade at McDonalds, but I am sure it has a gazillion calories.

2. What kind of razor do you use?

A few Christmases ago I received an electric razor as a gift and I really wanted it, but guess what—like many gadgets that you think you have to have (think Roomba!) I never use it. I like my cheap old disposable razors in the popsicle colors.

3. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

I don’t have a favorite Sesame Street character, honestly. Maybe cookie monster??!! I like cookies!

4. What makes the perfect salad? (Lettuce type, toppings, dressing, etc.)

I am a vegetarian who doesn’t really like lettuce all that much - the best salads have pasta! And chick peas. And blue cheese.

5. What was your favorite subject in school?

English, art and history – I hated anything to do with math and science and was not a fan of gym class.

6. What’s your favorite summer tradition?

Going to Mackinac Island, S’mores, patio dining at my favorite restaurants, fireworks, brunch cruises on Lake Minnetonka – summer when the living is easy!

7. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? How do you combat them?

I never had allergies until I hit my 30s and now I think I am allergic to cats, lilies, my dog, wine and dust! So I wouldn’t say they are seasonal but rather situational! The only thing that really helps is Benadryl and I hate how it makes me feel—all tired and dopey.

8. How often do you have to charge your cell phone?

Constantly. I think Words with Friends is really a drain on my iPhone. I charge it in my car(s) when I am driving and a few times a week I try to remember to hook it up to my Mac and get a really good charge. And I try to remember to turn it off at bedtime.  BTW, if you play Words With Friends, find me at Leslialison.

9. Do you have a bucket list?

Not officially, just a vague notion of things in my head. I should make a list. Lists are good!

10. Do you have any desire to go back to school?

Yes and no. I always say I want to finish getting my degree in interior design, but no because I don’t want any more student loans. It was such a relief to pay them off.


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Monday, June 27, 2011

When Did I Become 92 Years Old?!

This is what I look like lately!  (I realize the girl above is not 92 years old!  The picture is a perfect example of my position lately and I just FEEL like I am 92 years old.  )  

When it comes to exercise, I am not that extreme--I do like to exercise about 40 minutes a day--but light exercise like walking and the elliptical and casually pedaling my bicycle around the neighorhood is my speed.  I don't like anything like heavy weight lifting or running.  I figure I do just enough to stay in shape and be able to indulge in the occasional French Toast. 

But lately my back has been killing me, not all the time but sporadically.  It really started to hurt this weekend when I was out shopping, heaven forbid!   Whereas last weekend I went horseback riding for an hour and rode my bicycle for 16 miles and walked all over Mackinac Island and nothing--no pain, I felt fine.  But try to run around Costco and Target and the grocery store and owwwwwwwwww.

Eric finally got fed up with me and bought me a pair of ATHLETIC shoes because he doesn't like how I run around in flip flops and heels and I even work out that way--well, not heels on the elliptical but I have been known to go for a walk in them!  It is his opinion that I am not giving my back enough support in my choice of footwear.

So anyhow I now own some white trainers with light blue trim.  And we will see if it helps.  My massage person says I need to stretch before and after exercising.  So I am trying to remember to do that.  Or it will be aspirin and a heating pad for me! 

Anyone have any back ache stories or home remedies to share?  Thank you in advance!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

 I really, really have to get better at updating this thing or I will lose my readers.  You know, all 3 or 4 of you at this point in time!  It has been a hectic month of June so far.  The month started off with me getting waylaid by either food poisoning or a stomach bug--I am still not sure which it was but let's just say I have been avoiding sushi and Greek salad with feta cheese for the past two weeks! 

I had just recovered when Eric's parents arrived for a visit from New Hampshire.  We did a lot of entertaining and eating and drinking and then I think I broke my baby toe or severely bruised it (something about peanut shells and a Twins baseball game and a veggie dog and a hard metal seat--I will spare you the details--just know my toe looks like a Vienna sausage and it sort of limits my choice of footwear). 

Anyhow we went to the casino and to a Twins game and out to eat at Joe's Garage and Pier 500 and did a lovely brunch cruise down the St. Croix River.  It was a lot of eating & drinking and I only worked out one night the entire time they were here so am feeling fat.  Have to get back in the groove!  I did work out last night but I had to do the elliptical in flip flops because of my toe.  I wore a really cushiony pair so that was nice but I kind of felt like I didn't have much traction.  It has rained the past two nights but I am hopeful I can do a walk tonight. 

So they left on Tuesday morning and now this weekend Eric and I are taking off for a lovely trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan--one of my favorite road trip destinations!   It is all about bicycles and fudge and relaxing and unplugging.  This time I also bought us tickets for a ghost tour of some haunted places around the island and I am also hoping that we can go horseback riding.  You can rent a horse for $40 per hour.

So I am all excited about that!   And that is what has been going on with me in a nutshell.  I will put up some new pictures over at Daisy Chloe.

Happy Weekend Eve!

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