Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This list of joys is inspired by my friend, Gina, at LilMissFina. Here is my own personal list:

i love

my dad (miss him every day!)
my pink bicycle, Petunia
little dogs
brunch with the girls
ice cream
my cat Chloe (again, miss her, love her every day)
taking pictures
my favorite blogs
thank you cards
birthday cards
believing that things happen for a reason
winning stuff & feeling lucky
the law of attraction & creating the life I want
cherry pie
strawberry shakes
being at my happy yet curvy size 6
To Do Lists
my food journal
my personal journal
my Pug Noodles
fresh new fun calendars
Gain laundry detergent in Apple Mango Tango
fashion magazines
chick lit
going on trips
flying first class
fancy hotels
driving a stick shift
my Beetle convertible, Daisy
rainy days
Christmas Eve
My birthday
Felt tip markers
Macaroni & cheese
baked potatoes or mashed potatoes
Hearing my favorite song
Crack dip
Baking cookies
Almond cookie candles
Chocolate covered cherries

These are mine! What are yours?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Oh, my gosh, I am here, I am not dead! I realize if I fail to update my blog, sooner or later I am going to lose my 12 readers. And also, as you will note below, I have a semi-finished post as well. Jeez louise!

Well, let's see. I went on vacation the last week in August. Eric and I flew out to the lovely New England area of our country. We stayed for the most part at his parents' house in New Hampshire, in a skinny little bed in the guest room, which is basically a bed sandwiched between two computer desks. Yes, his parents have one old dinosaur PC and then a newer one, and insist on keeping them both in the guest room. You literally can't get to one side of the bed without climbing over a computer chair. But I digress.

We did spend one night in Boston happily at the Hilton. It was a great room with a comfy bed and a gym where I could exercise and lots of wine. We had spent that day sightseeing--we went to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store and Candle Museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts and I highly recommend that for all candle lovers. Then in the afternoon we visited one of my favorite places, Salem. I love all that witch stuff although admittedly it is "funner" to go in October.

We spent one day at Eric's sister's house - she and her husband have a great house on the lake with a Beagle named Elvis. And there was wine and crack dip. And I was able to amaze and astonish Eric at my unknown talents of being able to throw a football and shoot a basket. Yes, he was totally shocked. He doesn't know I grew up playing with a lot of boys! I might be a girlie girl, but I still have a few secrets!

Another day was a beach day, so hot I honestly thought I was going to die. But I had some really yummy crabcakes for lunch and you guessed it --wine! That afternoon we went to one of my other favorite places - Newbury Street in Boston for some window shopping. I honestly didn't buy anything!

We flew home on Monday night and on Tuesday afternoon I went back to work. Just getting caught up on things. Obviously not blogging, but you can almost always find me on Facebook. Today I tweeted for about the first time in two weeks!!

We also went to the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend - I had to get my mini donuts and S'mores and wine--honestly, I am not a wino! I will try to post some pictures soon & get the post below updated. I just wanted to say I am back and alive!!