Monday, September 13, 2010


Oh, my gosh, I am here, I am not dead! I realize if I fail to update my blog, sooner or later I am going to lose my 12 readers. And also, as you will note below, I have a semi-finished post as well. Jeez louise!

Well, let's see. I went on vacation the last week in August. Eric and I flew out to the lovely New England area of our country. We stayed for the most part at his parents' house in New Hampshire, in a skinny little bed in the guest room, which is basically a bed sandwiched between two computer desks. Yes, his parents have one old dinosaur PC and then a newer one, and insist on keeping them both in the guest room. You literally can't get to one side of the bed without climbing over a computer chair. But I digress.

We did spend one night in Boston happily at the Hilton. It was a great room with a comfy bed and a gym where I could exercise and lots of wine. We had spent that day sightseeing--we went to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store and Candle Museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts and I highly recommend that for all candle lovers. Then in the afternoon we visited one of my favorite places, Salem. I love all that witch stuff although admittedly it is "funner" to go in October.

We spent one day at Eric's sister's house - she and her husband have a great house on the lake with a Beagle named Elvis. And there was wine and crack dip. And I was able to amaze and astonish Eric at my unknown talents of being able to throw a football and shoot a basket. Yes, he was totally shocked. He doesn't know I grew up playing with a lot of boys! I might be a girlie girl, but I still have a few secrets!

Another day was a beach day, so hot I honestly thought I was going to die. But I had some really yummy crabcakes for lunch and you guessed it --wine! That afternoon we went to one of my other favorite places - Newbury Street in Boston for some window shopping. I honestly didn't buy anything!

We flew home on Monday night and on Tuesday afternoon I went back to work. Just getting caught up on things. Obviously not blogging, but you can almost always find me on Facebook. Today I tweeted for about the first time in two weeks!!

We also went to the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend - I had to get my mini donuts and S'mores and wine--honestly, I am not a wino! I will try to post some pictures soon & get the post below updated. I just wanted to say I am back and alive!!



Mnmom said...

I'm glad you're alive. Don't you love Boston? I've only been there once but fell in love immediately.

Kristie said...

I am catching up on my reading. I miss you! I always love your posts. :)

connya said...

Glad to be back.I had lost track of you once again.

connya said...

Trouble once again.