Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

 I really, really have to get better at updating this thing or I will lose my readers.  You know, all 3 or 4 of you at this point in time!  It has been a hectic month of June so far.  The month started off with me getting waylaid by either food poisoning or a stomach bug--I am still not sure which it was but let's just say I have been avoiding sushi and Greek salad with feta cheese for the past two weeks! 

I had just recovered when Eric's parents arrived for a visit from New Hampshire.  We did a lot of entertaining and eating and drinking and then I think I broke my baby toe or severely bruised it (something about peanut shells and a Twins baseball game and a veggie dog and a hard metal seat--I will spare you the details--just know my toe looks like a Vienna sausage and it sort of limits my choice of footwear). 

Anyhow we went to the casino and to a Twins game and out to eat at Joe's Garage and Pier 500 and did a lovely brunch cruise down the St. Croix River.  It was a lot of eating & drinking and I only worked out one night the entire time they were here so am feeling fat.  Have to get back in the groove!  I did work out last night but I had to do the elliptical in flip flops because of my toe.  I wore a really cushiony pair so that was nice but I kind of felt like I didn't have much traction.  It has rained the past two nights but I am hopeful I can do a walk tonight. 

So they left on Tuesday morning and now this weekend Eric and I are taking off for a lovely trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan--one of my favorite road trip destinations!   It is all about bicycles and fudge and relaxing and unplugging.  This time I also bought us tickets for a ghost tour of some haunted places around the island and I am also hoping that we can go horseback riding.  You can rent a horse for $40 per hour.

So I am all excited about that!   And that is what has been going on with me in a nutshell.  I will put up some new pictures over at Daisy Chloe.

Happy Weekend Eve!

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Noodles said...

I have heard of the ghost tour at Mackinac Island. Have a great time. It sounds like you deserve it a whole bunch after you recent adventures.
Love Noodles and her Mommy #2

Lesli said...

Thank you!!