Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mackinac Photos - Part 2!

My rental bike, a retro-looking Trek purple Wasabi Beach Cruiser complete with a yellow daisy & a basket for my Louis Vuitton bag. Forgive the smudge on my lens....oops! I found out that at the end of the tourist season, the bike rental company sells all of their bikes so I have a plan to buy this bike from them!

Hot pink Adirondack chairs in somebody's yard! Aren't these adorable and the color is wonderful!

I think I need to live here, don't you????

Or how about these delightful beach condos with lavender painted doors!

This hotel also captured my imagination!

This was a bed & breakfast the same "daisy green" as my car and it was gorgeous when it was lit up at night.

Everyone got around the island by horses

Or by bikes

The world famous Mackinac Bridge--scary long and scary high! I took this photo from the bike trail.

The marina

There was an abudance of flowers on the island and this whimsical bike planter caught my eye!

I hope these photos conveyed even a fraction of what a lovely place Mackinac Island is. I met the friendliest people, had the most delicious fudge and the most relaxing weekend I can remember in a long time! As I said, it really is almost like stepping back in time--if stepping back in time included a Starbucks and room service.


hiyaluv said...

GORGEOUS! I love all the purple, greens, and all around beautiful colors on the island. smiles, gina

Mnmom said...

I want to see that place someday. And I'm SO GLAD you finally found your vintage cruiser bike!!!

Lesli said...

It's magical--everyone should go visit Mackinac Island!