Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not The Ballerina of My Jewelry Box

I went to see "Black Swan" on Thursday afternoon. I had been wanting to see this movie and I was really curious because it had so many mixed reviews. Now that I have seen the movie I understand the MIXED reviews. It was dark, disturbing, depressing, artistic, beautiful, thought provoking, and depressing - did I mention depressing? I left the theater definitely not feeling happy or bubbly.

In fact, my vet even sent me a message on Facebook that if she had known I was going to see Black Swan on this particular day, she would have tried to stop me. She thought the movie was too anxiety inducing and I was already having an anxious day since my vet was performing surgery on my cat, Trista!

I would not discourage anyone from seeing this movie & everyone has to form their own opinions. While I absolutely appreciate the artistic merit of the movie and appreciate the acting of Natalie Portman, it is not a movie I would ever want to see again. But having said that, I am not sorry that I saw it - it was a worthwhile way to spend two hours on a Thursday afternoon and it is one of those movies that everyone is talking about. It is also the kind of movie where you go home and two hours later, you are still thinking about it.

What was real and what was Natalie Portmann's character only imagining? The message I took away from the film is not to DIE trying to be perfect. Oh, and don't ever let anyone put anything in your drink!

I am almost positive that this movie will pick up a lot of awards and nominations, but I am also just as sure that I am more of the chick flick kind of movie-goer and I freely admit that. I don't NEED my movies to be dark or thought-provoking. I would just as soon look at a pretty set design and laugh at a romantic comedy. But this movie was a psychological thriller so I didn't go to it expecting to laugh or feel good.

So having said that, I am probably not the target audience for a movie like Black Swan. The costumes in the final scenes of "Swan Lake" were magical. That is what I prefer to remember -- not the blood and gore.



Shoshanah said...

I feel pretty much the same way as you. While I am glad I saw it, I really don't have any desire to actually go through watching it again.

Michelle said...

As I told you - I thought it was good, but I would never see it again, do not wish to own it. It was depressing and when it ended we just sat there for a few minutes, no words formed.

So depressing to see her descent into madness so quickly in her drive to be perfect. The costumes and the dancing were exquisite, that was the main plus.

Anonymous said...

Usually, I like ballet movies, but every review I've read of this one just sounds creepy! I think I'll pass! Thanks for your honest perspective on it.

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen it yet...I kind of figured it would be a rental and I would need breaks between watching it.

Chihuahua Girl said...

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~ Tina