Friday, April 15, 2011

Blast From The Past

I found this post from almost 2 years ago--May of 2009!!  I thought it was interesting especially because THIS May 13th, I will be attending a Jennifer Lancaster book singing with my good friend, Amber!!

recently put a How Well Do You Know Lesli quiz on my Facebook and most of my friends got 80 to 90% correct. But that could be because I made the questions super easy. A few questions tripped everyone up--such as what is my middle name and what happened to me in the second grade. 

So I decided to make a little refresher list of stuff about me--and I have to give credit for this idea to Michelle over at Just Jump.

1 - My middle name is Alison, not Anne as most people would guess. Lesli Alison is the name!

2 - In second grade, I was I was voted the cutest girl in my class.

3 - And shockingly sent to advanced math.

4 - And spent most of my time drawing & playing with Barbies while in class

5 - Fast forward, I met my husband at work when we both worked at a collection agency.

6 - He did not attend interior design school with me.

7 - Nor did we meet on a cruise ....

8 - And not in line at Taco Bell either!

9 - I am 5'3" barely and maybe even 5'2" and 3/4th--but I round up

10 - I have been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old

11 - I don't like watching sports of any kind on TV, but I am all for attending live events because there is always people watching and snacks

12 - My birthday is October 13 & that makes me a Libra

13 - I have lived in the states of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, but would love to live in California, Washington State and Hawaii & hope to add them to my places of residence some day

14 - I went to school for interior design but somehow wound up as a receptionist at a bath & body company

15 - I decided a long time ago I am never having children

16 - My maternal instinct comes out for my cats and my Pug

17 - My favorite colors are lavender, pink and yellow.

18 - I wear a lot of pink.

19 - And black. 

20 - My favorite shows are Gossip Girl, Real Housewives, Samantha Who (farewell!), Ugly Betty, Tori & Dean, and Denise Richards, It's Complicated.

21 - I like watching a lot of reality shows, but not Survivor or Amazing Race.

22. My favorite movies are Confessions of a Shopaholic, Clueless and Legally Blonde.

23 - I am scared of mice and rats.

24 - I am also scared of being fat, ugly or poor. 

25 - To that list add house fires and becoming blind.

26 - I have always wanted to own a Porsche

27 - And a Volkswagen Beetle - either in pink or light yellow

28 - I have seen Legally Blonde the musical twice

29 - My favorite concert ever was Britney Spears Circus

30 - My favorite Las Vegas show was Donny & Marie

31 - I love reading ...

32- Almost as much as I love shopping.

33 - I don't really cook but I like to bake

34 - I collect Hello Kitty

35 - I have a Pug named Noodles

36 - And would like a girl Shih Tzu named Betsey Johnson

37 - I miss my cat, Chloe, every day

38 - I have my backup cats who are very much loved, but not the same as Chloe - she was one of a kind

39 - I keep this blog because I love to write & be creative and make new friends

40 - I will probably regret not going to the Jen Lancaster Pretty in Plaid book signing!

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Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

This was so cute! I definitely learned a couple things about you (ok, a lot of things! ;) )

Michelle said...

How funny! Yup, a blast from the past! And I will be seeing Jen Lancaster on the 17th of May!! :)

Emily said...

Vegetarian since 6?! You rock. :)
And visit my blog to see who won my giveaway. ;)

P said...

Number 9 is also me. I say I'm 5'3" but I'm pretty sure I'm a little bit under that and just rounding up. :-)