Thursday, November 17, 2011

An October Recap

 October is my favorite month.  It has my birthday and Halloween and apples and pumpkins and witches and chilly nights and bonfires and pretty leaves and fun-sized candy bars.

This October started with a bang--literally.  I was driving this car

and almost hit this creature.

So I braked and I got rear-ended on my way to work.  I was pretty shaken up because a) I almost ran over an animal and b) I caused damage to such a delightful yellow car!

The other driver was a mom with her small child who just happened to live in the same townhouse development as me.  We were about a mile from our houses.  We called the police and no tickets or citations were issued.  I think he felt we were both equally at fault--she for following too closely and me for braking for an animal.  He told me, quite frankly, that I should have and I quote "taken the squirrel out".

I stood my ground and said I would always brake for animals.   And I always will--that is not going to change.  I am still sad about the time I ran over an oppossum.  Or the time a bird flew into my windshield.  These are things I don't forget!

Later that day I declined a visit to the doctor for whiplash and went to work at our Annual Warehouse Sale at a certain upscale fragrance company I work for.  Somehow my name tag got lost in the chaos and so I was Lucy, your friendly cashier!

This was honestly not the best day of my life!  Look at the look on my face!

The next day was better.  My dear pal, Amber, came up for a visit.  We went to the warehouse sale - much more fun as a customer!  Then we went to Crave with a bunch of my girlfriends and had a little early birthday lunch and drinks, and we did some shopping/browsing at Anthropologie and then we went to see "What's Your Number" which is based on the novel 20 Times A Lady by the wonderful Karyn Bosnak!  I loved the movie and will definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out.

After the movie we went to Flame for a yummy dinner.   We were pretty tired after that so I made sure Amber got checked into her hotel and then we went to get her car and then I headed home for some sleep!

**(Then we realized Amber had forgotten her designer shades in my car so we made plans to drop them off the next day when Eric and I were out and about and Amber was checking out of her hotel.)

**Not sure why I included this in my post--haha!  Definite a sidebar.  :-)

Things continued to get better when we left for my birthday weekend extravaganza to Southern California.  We stayed in Newport Beach and rented a lovely white Eclipse convertible (like I used to have!) and I did a lot of shopping and ate a lot of cupcakes and drank a lot of wine and did some more shopping and celebrated my birthday over dinner at Melting Pot.  We met my friend Angie for lunch one day and my other friend, Katie, for brunch at her fancy hotel (St. Regis in Dana Point!)--she and her husband just happened to be visiting at the same time.

Then it was back to Minnesota and time to celebrate my good friend, Jason's 40th birthday.  We have been friends since he was 21, can you believe it?  There was wine and cake and a cute doggie. 

The month finished up with Halloween, of course.   We went to the Screamtown Haunted Houses with our neighbors and it was so much fun.  Of course, I was the girl who got picked on the most by the actors.  Go figure! 

Noodles dressed up like a banana split for the Halloween party at his vet's office.  But he has lost so much weight on his diet that his costume no longer fit properly.  I bought it on clearance at Target last year but this year he is too skinny!  He spent Halloween night answering the door for the Trick Or Treaters in an orange Halloween t-shirt with fur trim & glitter. 

That was October in a rather long nutshell!!   I will put up some pictures at my other blog so stay tuned if you are into that kind of thing! 

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