Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day Recap & Other Random Thoughts

Hello and Happy Wednesday. I know some lucky people had a 3-day weekend with President’s Day but I just had my usual 2 and a half. Note to myself to take off President’s Day next year because when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, you can make a long weekend out of it and go on a short trip. Next year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday. I am already thinking ahead. 

Which reminds me of my Wise Words for Wednesday that I put on Facebook. “Wouldn’t life be better if we all lived in the season and enjoyed the present day to the fullest?” These winter pictures are so pretty and winter can be beautiful, but also miserably cold like today when the wind chill is 30 below zero and my dogs don’t want to be outside for their walks and neither do I! But the point of my Wise Words is sort of Zen – be in the moment no matter what the moment is. I try for that always but my brain often flies ahead of me and I do like to plan for fun future events on my calendar. Just trying to find a balance. That’s Libra.

Right now my three fun things on my calendar are Roxie is coming to stay with me at the end of March. Roxie Fox, the little Shih Tzu I dog-sit for. Then in April Eric and I are going to Seaside, Florida. We are renting a beach cottage. I cannot wait for that!

 In the more distant future, we are going on a road trip over the 4th of July to New Hampshire. I would rather fly, but Eric enticed me by telling me I could take both my dogs and normally only Violet flies with me—Noodles is just a little bit fat and plus I don’t think he would cooperate on a long flight. My in-laws have a great house on the lake and they have a beagle so that will be fun. We often go there for the 4th.

To a lesser extent, my calendar also indicates when Eric is out of town in March-once to San Francisco for a work conference and then to Florida for a guys’ golf vacation. I do like having the house to myself and with 3 cats and 2 dogs, I am never really alone or lonely.

Now for a Valentine’s Day recap – for the first time ever, I told Eric not to get me flowers because it fell on a Saturday and it is really more fun to get them at the office. But really I pointed out that he could take the money he spends on flowers, say $125, and put that towards a hair salon appointment for me . So that is what he did. I secretly did miss getting flowers though. I got him a card and a red velvet donut with chocolate frosting. Fair enough? 

We went to dinner at Bonefish Grill and it was really delicious with a huge array of seafood to choose from. I saw about 6 things I wanted on the menu! My favorite thing was the dessert though—they had a chocolate crème brule that was the best dessert I have ever had. Ever!

The only problem was it was hard to get reservations and the only time I could get was 3:45 p.m. We were eating dinner at 4:00 like senior citizens! Afterwards, Eric drug me to my least favorite place in the world, well next to Home Depot and Golf Galaxy, Costco. Ugh! But it was in the same shopping area as Bonefish so I was being agreeable and he did let me stop at Anthropologie. We got home plenty early so I was able to hang out with friends too.

Oh, and speaking of friends, I also wanted to mention how much fun Friday night was. My neighbor and friend, Katie and another friend, Angie, had a dinner party with a Caribbean theme. It was so much fun and the food was great and we played some, um, “interesting” games! I am lucky to have such a great neighbor. Next weekend, she is having a birthday party for her Chihuahuas with brunch and mimosas. Something else I am looking forward to.

And that is my week so far. Stay warm!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you guys have a warm weather getaway to look forward to in April! Renting a beach cottage sounds awesome. But you do make a good point about appreciating the present. I have been pretty good about not complaining about the weather but today I was definitely grouchy over how stupid cold it was! But at least it's a brief cold spell!!

Lesli said...

Thanks for reading & commenting, Lisa! I do hope the cold snap is short! xoxo