Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Musings for March

Spring started this weekend; I promptly put away my winter hats & mittens in a burst of spring cleaning and new moon energy on Friday the 20th. (Seriously, the new moon gave me energy!) Of course, the very next day it snowed! But I shouldn’t be surprised – spring is a tease and winter never wants to leave.

  Backing up just a bit, on the weekend of the 6th I drove down to Des Moines, still kind of my home away from home even though I moved away 20 years ago. It will always have a place in my heart and in a three and half to four hour road trip, I can be there. I actually love getting a hotel room by myself and shopping and hanging out with friends I don’t get to see that much. If I can do it every month or so, it works out well.

This time I had breakfast with my friend, Amber...

and lunch with two other friends, Laurie and Coleen.  

These are friends that I can go forever without seeing but when we see other, it is like no time has passed at all. 

I also went shopping and got a pretty good haul from Von Maur and Nordstrom Rack. Of course, we have those same stores in Minneapolis but it is more satisfying to shop away from home sometimes—stores get different merchandise!

I also got my hair done at one of the malls and met such a sweet hairdresser—I love my hair people. I gave him my business card and told him to friend me on Facebook, but so far he hasn’t. I will look him up the next time I am in Des Moines. My business cards have to be good for something besides putting in the fish bowl at Chipotle for a free lunch!

 Then last Saturday, which would be the 14th I went to the roller derby in St. Paul with a bunch of girlfriends. First one of my other hair people (Richard!) put my hair in some really cute side buns. I got the idea from Pinterest.

Then we all went to dinner at Pazzaluna before the roller derby. This is a really great Italian restaurant on St. Peter Street—I totally recommend it for a romantic dinner place. I wouldn’t say the roller derby was exactly my jam (actually I don’t like a lot of sporting events except football; I just go for the social aspect). Fortunately, everyone was ready to leave at halftime too and we went out for one last drink before our cabs and drivers picked us up. It was a super fun night!

That pretty much catches me up on the month of March!


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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I went to the roller derby for a friend's birthday years ago and also felt kind of meh about it! I'm glad I went but I don't know that I need to go again... Your hair looked super cute, though! And that reminds me that we should do a date night at Pazzaluna sometimes as I love that place. They have an awesome HH menu!

The snow we got last night depresses me! I'm over winter!!!