Thursday, April 2, 2015

Life is Zipping By!

Wow! Where did the week go! I meant to do a brief recap of the weekend and then all of sudden it is Thursday evening. And the second day of April. My life is zipping by.

Happy April!

 Last Friday I went out with friends for margaritas at La Casita and then home to wait for my dog-sitting charge to arrive.

Mmmm...mine was mango jalapeno!

 This is Roxie—I get her one or two times a year. I think I have been dog-sitting her for 5 years now.  
Dog Sitting!

I started dog sitting on Friday night so I had kind of a very low-key weekend and to be honest, I kind of enjoyed being a homebody on Saturday. I haven’t stayed home for an entire day in so long (not counting being sick on the couch!). I just got stuff done around the house and continued my spring cleaning and took the dogs for lots of walks.

Pooped Pups

 On Sunday I met a friend for coffee and we got all caught up on our lives. Starbucks or Caribou is the go-to place for catching up with friends over coffee. Or Perkins. And, again, the time flies.

Wine is also a good way to catch up (another time!) 

 The work week did fly by – I got into a routine with taking care of 3 dogs and during the day Roxie has been with me at work under my desk. She is a super quiet and well-behaved dog during office hours fortunately. At home she is a little more vocal and enjoys chasing my cats and getting into skirmishes with Violet, but I am glad at work she can fly under the radar.

I leave you with this thought!  

I just love this quote - break the rules!


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Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Time is just going faster and faster!

I love our Perkins breakfast dates to catch up! Did you decide about Jodi Picoult?