Tuesday, August 18, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday

1. How many kids do you want to have? Zero. I have always known I did not want kids of my own; however, I am a great mom to all my pets. And I love being an aunt to 3 nieces and a nephew—I get to be the fun aunt. Also, I am very fond of the daughters of my girlfriends—which gives me a chance to give advice and be a great listener and watch them grow up. And I am happy to take anyone shopping!
2. What is your go-to cocktail? It’s always white wine or champagne.
3. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Let my dogs out, then feed the dogs and cats, make a cup of coffee, turn on the news and check Facebook and catch up on Words with Friends.

4. How many photos do you have on your phone’s camera roll right now? 7,067 ….crazy right?

5. What is your favorite thing about being married? What is the hardest part? I am just going to be honest and say I love the dual income! The hardest part is living with someone else’s habits and messes such as snoring, leaving Coke cans on the coffee table and socks on the living room floor! Oh, but other good things—someone to go on vacation with, someone who cares if you are sick on the couch and will take the dogs out and bring you ginger ale or Nyquil or whatever, someone who sees you looking your worst but still thinks you’re beautiful. And he would probably say the worst thing about living with me is I leave my clothes everywhere.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve? Bad manners and bad grammar

7. Favorite online shopping site? Mod Cloth, ASOS and Ruche are all great, but honestly I am trying not to shop right now! I am shopping in my own closet.

8. Have you ever been to a psychic? What did they tell you? I have been to lots of psychics and I have filled notebooks with stuff they have told me. Everything from my mom is crazy to I live a charmed life to I can have an affair because the spirit world doesn’t judge, a guy named Robert is going to change my life, etc, etc. I should look at my notebooks!
9. What was your first pet’s name? A yellow cat named Sunshine and a small terrier named Prince. They were my buddies.
10. What was the first CD you ever bought? Tonic, Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty.   It was the 90s and I loved my alternative rock. Not sure which one I bought first but I had those 4 and played them to death.


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