Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Okay, I am doing this as inspired by Amber!

1. What is your cleaning style like? I don't really clean. I leave that up to my husband. My area of expertise is just making things pretty & arranging things to look nice. Not fond of housework. We used to have a cleaning lady, but unless you can find someone reliable, I don't really recommend it. I had an Anthropologie rug ruined, a wedding gift vase broken, and my walk-in closet flooded by a leaky toilet (don't remember the exact details--I think her mop handle bumped something!). I take that back--paying someone to clean can be a good experience. Nothing like coming home to a sparkling clean house. But you definitely take your chances. For awhile we tried to do the clean 15 minutes per day thing but that kind of fizzled out. It was cutting into my reality TV time--kidding! (sort of).

2. What is your favorite thing to add to an outfit to take it from casual to classy? A cardigan, jewelry, heels and a nice handbag.

3. Do you like stormy weather? I love thunderstorms, and snow storms can be fun too--as long as I am safely inside my house!

4. What is your favorite cold treat on a hot day? Strawberry ice cream

5. What is your favorite warm treat on a cold day? Hot chocolate

6. Who is your favorite animated character? Mickey Mouse

7. What do you keep your jewelry in? I have a couple of flower hooks from Anthropologie that hold necklaces, and a shabby chic style jewelry armoir (tiny!), and some little dressmaker figures that hold jewelry, and finally some small hatbox type things--also full of jewelry. I have a lot!

8. Do any of the rooms in your house have a theme? Not really unless you count the guest bathroom which has sort of a jungle-y theme. There is a toucan mural painted on the wall and a tiny tree frog painted by the electrical outlet and a guest towel with monkeys....so maybe!

9. Do you watch any interior design TV shows – if so, what is your favorite? I watch them ALL! I especially like Divine Design, Color Splash and Designer Challenge.

10. When was the last time you did something risk-taking? I must not be much of a risk taker because I can't think of anything .... at .... all. I better work on that!

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Natalie said...

I love love love strawberry ice cream!!!!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Yay! You blogged again. :) I love the pictures that accompany your answers!

Laura said...

hey blogging friend. Cute post!

Also, I've updated my blog every weekday since the post you just posted on. Can you not see them? :(