Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday even though it is Wednesday. Whatever!!  :-)   When I first saw this on Amber’s blog yesterday, I almost decided not to do it because I am the girl who really doesn’t cook. I can make easy things like eggs and spaghetti, but I seriously can survive on cheese & crackers and Minute Rice. I am not a foodie! But then I decided what the heck!

My vegan idol, Alicia Silverstone.  You should get her book if you haven't already, The Kind Diet. 

1. What is a food that you never thought you would try, but then tried and liked?

Some friends convinced me to try the food at an Indian restaurant. I still do NOT like Indian cuisine though!

2. Do you subscribe to any foodie publications? If so, which ones

My husband gets one, I think it is Cooking Like or Healthy Cooking or something like that, but I never look at it.

3. What ingredient do you find yourself reaching for the most when you cook? I like to add pepper to everything!

4. Are there any foods that you hated as a child, but then learned to like as an adult? No, actually the foods I liked as a child I still like. I do not have a very sophisticated palate! And the foods I hated – like red meat – I still hate!

5. What do you like to eat that others may consider weird? First of all, I am a vegetarian and I know a lot of people think that is weird, but it is something I am passionate about and it is not just a phase. I have been a vegetarian since I was 6. Secondly, I love mushrooms, beets and olives—and so I know a lot of people don’t like those things! I also love tofu.

6. What is the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever cooked with? I guess tofu.

7. Do you have any major food allergies? No, although sometimes wine makes me sneeze & that makes me wonder if I am allergic to grapes!

8. Is there an ingredient that you would like to cook with, but are intimidated to try? Saffron and truffle oil because they sound glamorous and rich and exotic.

9. Do you bake? I love to bake. In high school, I baked a lot and that is when I really learned. Baking is so much more fun than cooking.

10. If you could go on any “foodie” show to compete, which one would it be, and why? Cupcake Wars!

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Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I love beets! I mix them with my cottage cheese :)
I have always wanted to try to cook with tofu but am afraid to try. I need to buck up and try it sometime.

Natalie said...

I would die if I were allergic to grapes/wine!!!

Fun list!

Emily said...

Cute list. :) And the Asian salad is actually called Napa Salad. It has cabbage and green onions. Then a asian vinaigrette on the side with nuts and crunchies on the side too.

Lesli said...

Thanks, Emily! I am going to try the Napa Salad!!!

Lesli said...

Amber, the only time I have cooked with tofu was the year I made Tofurkey at Thanksgiving!

Lesli said...

Natalie, oh, even if I am allergic to grapes, I am so not giving up the vino!

Honest Mommy said...

It's not the grapes you are allergic to... some wines have more sulfites than others and that's what causes it... happened to me and I LOVE MY WINE!!!