Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cutest Dog Contest!!

UPDATE: Voting is over for now. I will let everyone know if Noodles has advanced to the next round. It depends how good of a nag I was to my friends & how well I got the word out through social media!!

Please vote for my dog, Noodles, in the Cutest Dog Contest. I am shamelessly asking anyone who reads my blog to please vote for my dog--I could win $1,000 and use that money towards a credit card! 5 runner-ups will receive $100.

Plus, Noodles' pride is at stake.

Noodles is in Round 3, the 16th tab, right at the top. Don't mix him up with Sleepy Pete, another Pug! You will need to do a short registration with your user name & password. You can vote every hour.

Thank you for your vote.



Michelle said...

I am voting, I am voting. We can't have Noodles' pride being damaged.

Cathy said...

I just read your comments over at my blog. Are you my long lost twin?? How crazy!

I am already obligated to vote for another friends dog in the contest. Good luck!

P said...

soooo adorable!!!