Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Randomness, Random Weekendness

Friday I met friends for lunch at Brits Pub. We decided to send my husband a picture of me pretending to be "falling down drunk" and I even had some crutches as a prop. We texted it to him while he was sitting at the airport in Chicago. His only response? Is that a new leopard coat? Did you go shopping?

Ha ha! I have had that leopard coat since 2007 when I was on my way to use the ladies room at Macy's and I came across this cute Guess leopard coat with three-quarter length sleeves before I could find the restroom and, of course, I had to buy it. Yes, that is why I am not shopping this year--because of capricious purchases like that in my past!

I realize this is a horrible picture of me and so unflattering. I look really white and bald!

After lunch I went to Spalon Montage and got a much-needed haircut from Elise. I wanted long layers and side swept bangs. I haven't even had a proper haircut since September when I had 4 inches cut off.

Ta dah!

Friday night Eric finally flew home after a week spent in Ohio for work and then a layover in Chicago. We ordered pizza and just hung out at home.

Saturday we went to lunch at Panera because I love their macaroni & cheese. After that we went to downtown Minneapolis to see the 2010 Auto Show. The fact that I love cars is probably the least girlie part of me, but I do love cars. As long as they are cute sports cars or convertibles. So maybe that is girlie after all.

Besides the auto show has wine and ice cream.

I got to sit in this beautiful blue Mazda convertible

And this sporty Audi TT

And there was a Daisy car there!

I also sat in a lovely Mercedes convertible, but I didn't get a picture of that. But I think I need a Mercedes convertible. No, I really do!

There weren't any Porsches.

After the Auto Show, we went to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D. See my 3D glasses--ha ha!

I thought the movie, while it followed the predictable story of Alice, was pretty good--it was magical and enchanting and you must see it in 3D, it just gives it that little added something. The one thing I would have changed was Johnny Depp. As you know, I love him---but I would have made him a HOT Mad Hatter instead of a creepy Mad Hatter. Is that too much to ask??!!

After the movie we went to Red Lobster. It was Lobster Fest! Unfortunately, I was so full from the popcorn that I could only pick at my salad and I didn't have any biscuits or alcohol (shocking I know!). I had a black coffee. And I took my seafood stuffed flounder and rice pilaf home and had it for lunch on Sunday. Note to self, do not eat movie popcorn before dinner!

Sunday was just low key. We ran errands, got groceries, and then I took a majorly wonderful nap with my dog on the foot of my bed and the window open. It is getting warmer, I think Spring is definitely in the air.

Here are just some cute Sunday pictures of my dog, Noodles, and my cat, Brie hanging out!


Cathy said...

Your hair looks fantastic! And you look fab in those cars, you def need one! A nap with the window open!!! Amazing. I just checked the week forecast and I'm betting we hit 50 at least one day this week *fingers crossed*.

Shauna said...

I love your hair. It looks great.

k a t i e said...

Love the hair - especially the color! Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend :)

keltban said...

I agree--LOVE the HAIR!!!