Monday, August 9, 2010

Bicyle Love

While I was in Mackinac Island, I fell in love with this bike.

But I already have 2 other bikes at home, my lavender 10-speed that I have owned FOREVER

and my pink Schwinn cruiser named Petunia. You know, she is my car, Daisy's, cousin!

This weekend I went to a bike shop and got a yellow flower to put on my handlebars and a really cute basket, and Eric finally installed my purple bike bell. Now Petunia is all decked out!

I will post a picture of her soon.

It was ridiculously hot this weekend, but Eric and I went for a fun bike ride around town on Saturday evening, after it had cooled off somewhat. At least, there was a nice breeze although still warm.

I love bicycling and it is such great exercise while still being fun! Do you have a bike? Did you name her? What color?

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Anonymous said...

A bike is an extension of our personality so why not make it our own :-) I bike all the time..just went on a 26 mile ride along lake MI last week. Have some pics on my blog