Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Interview

My blogging pal, Michelle, interviewed me last week. You should stop by her blog. Just to recap, here was my interview. My words in orange; Michelle's in purple.

So today I want to share the thoughts of my sweet blogging friend, Lesli. I found Lesli's blog through a link on Karyn Bosnak's blog one night while I was looking around for some fun blogs to follow. The first thing I noticed about Lesli is her love of cats and dogs. She has beautiful kitties in her life and the sweetest pug, Noodles. Then I noticed she has just amazing taste in just about everything. But what really impressed me is how upbeat and happy Lesli keeps her blog. Life is definitely not all sunshine and roses, but Lesli doesn't bring daily life drama to her little corner of the web. She shares fun stories, cute pictures, gorgeous fashion, and complete grace. Plus she is tackling the most difficult task of all -- paying off her debt and trying not to spend outside of a list of rules she made for herself. Very admirable!

(Picture borrowed from Lesli's blog. Look at that cute Noodles!)

First, I just want to say I am honored that Michelle asked me to participate in this. She is one of my very best blogging friends and I am excited to be included.


I am inspired by fashion and beauty – I always like to make things pretty and I am inspired by things I see everyday in fashion magazines, catalogues, shopping in the mall, etc. I am inspired by Rachel Ashwell who is the founder of Shabby Chic who creates the perfect setting with her pastels and slightly distressed looking vintage influenced decors. My other inspiration comes from the whimsy of Anne Keenan-Higgins who illustrates everything from greeting cards to book covers and always manages to convey my love of shoes and handbags and cats and dogs with all of her delightful drawings!

I take my inspiration and use it when I put together outfits and accessories, or decorate a room in my house, or just want to take a picture of something I think is pretty. I take pictures of something almost everyday.

I am also very much inspired by other bloggers, especially Karyn of
Pretty in the City for her humor and warmth (and a Yorkie named Bev and a cat named Elvis), Janet at Slice of Pink because she always has fun with life and talks about everything from cupcakes to bicycles, and Chloe of the Chloe Conspiracy who shops and creates fashion statements and does it all while making me laugh, plus she has two adorable Chihuahuas. They inspired me to blog and to also write more. While I do love my blogs, you will also find me journaling my more personal thoughts and I have been keeping a diary since I was 23. I just love to write.


I am especially thankful for a really great life. I have wonderful friends, some going back to high school, junior high and even elementary (thank you Facebook!) and, of course, my everyday, real life friends who have been there for me for years. I also have other great friends I have met through blogging. I have an amazing husband who is my best friend and spoils me rotten. And I can’t forget my cats, Brie, Trista and Sophie (and also Chloe r.i.p – I will love & miss her always), and my Pug, Noodles and my sometimes-dog Roxie (a Shih Tzu) who I dog-sit as often as I can!

Last but not least, I have a really great job as a receptionist at an upscale bath and body company and I am lucky to be surrounded by creative people and people who are more than just co-workers—they really are like a second family. And it is not just a job—I get to see a fragrance line take shape from its very inception to the time it goes out the door to various boutiques.

I think it is important to express gratitude every day from the smallest thing like a great cup of coffee or a pretty flower spotted in someone’s garden to the bigger things like having good health.
Thank you to Michelle for asking me to do this. I hope I didn’t ramble too much! xoxo

Be sure to stop by Michelle's blog at Just Jump.


Jen said...

I saw this before and I really like her blog! We follow each other now! :) Thanks this was really cute.

Michelle said...

Thank you, again, for participating! You are most awesome! xoxo