Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

1. Where did you go to college?

I went to Lowthian College of Design.

2. What did you study?

Interior design, retail store layout and fashion history

3. Was college really all that it was cracked up to be?

I loved it!!!

4. How far were you from home?

My school was in downtown Minneapolis and I lived in Edina so only about 20 minutes

5. Did you have the same roommate all four years?

If my cat, Tiffany, counts, then yes! And sadly I did not go for the whole time – I am a design school dropout who still hopes to someday finish her degree. Bad Lesli

6. Where did you order food from at 2am?

My own kitchen. Usually cheese and crackers and lots of coffee if I had to do a design board at 2 a.m.

7. Did you date in college or were you tied down?

I was engaged but I do think my going to school while also working 3 jobs contributed to the downfall of our relationship. Think no free time ever. But he is one of my best friends to this day.

8. Funniest drunk college moment?

Sorry, I don’t have one. Not that I didn’t drink, but I went to college as a working adult so I think that is a whole different experience!

9. Did you make it to class on time?

Strangely enough, yes, and I am notoriously late for other things in life.

10. What was your favorite class in college?

Fashion history was HARD but I probably learned the most in that class. I can tell you about fashions all the way back to the 1600s! Interior design was a lot of late nights doing my design boards and a lot of precision with measuring things and keeping it all to scale. And it seemed that in almost every class I had to make a presentation – hello, public speaking! So that leaves retail store layout which was fun. I liked learning about the psychology behind why stores are laid out the way they are. My project was a flower shop that I designed myself.


Mnmom said...

That was interesting! I didn't know you studied the industry. Why did you leave?

Jen said...

I think the retail store layout sounds very interesting!!!