Friday, August 13, 2010

An Indoor Girl

I was thinking about this subject on Wednesday night when I went for a walk after dinner. It was just me because my husband was playing golf and it was too hot to drag my dog out for an extended period of time. So I am walking along minding my own business making sure I get 10,000 steps on my pedometer, and a bug flies into my eye. About 20 seconds later I jam a stick up my foot. And that is why I don’t go camping!

I don’t really like the outdoors unless it is on my own terms. I am definitely more of an indoor girl.

I don’t like heat and humidity combined, insect bites, itchy weeds, wet grass or mud, or peeing outside. I do like thunderstorms and pretty snowfalls, but I enjoy them more from the comfort of my own home while baking cookies or sipping hot chocolate.

I don’t like camping, but I do like S’mores!

Some things I do like to do outdoors:

Eat outside overlooking the water or at a sidewalk café or a picnic with cheese & wine and brownies (I had to throw in brownies!)

I like the beach

I like brunch & dinner cruises on boats

I like putting the top down on my convertible

I like sitting outside on a pleasant night sipping wine & looking at the stars

I love casually pedaling my bike around when the weather isn’t too sticky

As I have mentioned before, I adore fall and cooler weather with pretty trees & pumpkin patches and apple orchards

So basically maybe I like the outdoors, but on my own terms – 3 mimosa breakfast on the rooftop of a lovely restaurant – that is my kind of outdoors!

How about you? Indoors or outdoors?


MommyLisa said...

Most of the time I like to be outside. I love to camp - but my favorite thing I tried recently was hula hooping with a bunch of people by Lake Calhoun.

I am down with the rooftop and boat dining too. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a lot like you Leslie! Defn more of an indoor girl, but like pretty fun easy things outdoors. I want to try a dinner cruise sometime...sounds fun. We don't have that in Iowa... ;)


Kristie said...

Oh I am without a doubt an indoors girl! I am not a nature girl. I hate camping, bugs, heat and humidity. I don't want to sleep in a tent or get dirty. Just not my thing.