Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday Night at the Movies

I saw Eat Pray Love on Friday night, opening night. First I had to get my snacks! I mixed Mr. Pibb with Cherry Coke


and then added some Jelly Belly's to my popcorn.


Then I settled in to watch the movie, although predictably the theater was too cold and even though I had brought a little cardigan with me, I had on cropped jeans and my legs were freezing! Why do they keep theaters so cold? I just want to know!

And my husband was fidgeting next to me. It was not his kind of movie at all, but I felt he was due for a chick flick. Somehow he got out of seeing Sex and the City 2 with me!

So really this movie was not for everyone, maybe not ALL husbands. But I think it was beautifully done and stuck very close to the book. If you like to travel and see foreign countries that part was very well executed! And I thought Julia Roberts was lovely in her role of Elizabeth Gilbert, a divorced woman trying to find herself and find happiness.

But let's be up front here people, the REAL reason I went to see the movie was James Franco, my second favorite actor next to Johnny Depp. He was wonderful! I love him. And if I was Julia Roberts I could not have left him to go roaming around the world--hee!

Some people have asked me if they would like the movie. I really can't say for sure. I would say you should read the book first which I did when it first came out so I might need to re-read it! Then there is my friend who shockingly hated the book and I told her she should still see the movie--she MIGHT like it. The scenes are beautiful and it does feel that you have been transported to Italy, India and Bali.

It was a lovely way to spend a Friday night! Have you seen the movie & did you like it? Have you read the book? Was your theater freezing? Finally, most importantly, what did you eat?


Shoshanah said...

We saw The Expendables last night, and our theater was definitely not freezing. They actually had a sign on the front door of the theater apologizing for the fact that their air conditioners were malfunctioning. We were a little scared when we stepped inside, but thankfully it was still cool. Yet I'm sure because of the fact something wasn't working, the theater wasn't nearly as freezing as normal.

Nancy said...

I don't know why movie theaters are always so cold! they start out OK and then 1/2 was through I'm frozen. I bring socks with me to put on!
I read Eat, Pray, Love and I want to see the movie and I want to re-read the book. I loved the Eat part the 1st time, got a little stuck on Pray (almost gave up) but muscled through and by the end, didn't want the book to end!
One sister of mine never made it past Pray and my other sister has no interest in reading it or seeing the movie (because she can't stand Julia Roberts and her big ol' laugh).
I'll be going myself or with friends because my husband will refuse to go (I think).

Nancy said...

P.S. - Jelly Bellies - a girl after my own heart!

We've even been to the factory in Fairfield CA!

Michelle said...

I still need to see Eat Pray Love as I went to The Expendables this weekend instead. (I had to decide James Franco or Jason Statham...Statham won out.) The theater was chilly yesterday. I normally bring a jacket with me but forgot it in the car yesterday so I was shivering towards the end. We were heading out for sushi after the movie so I only drank a cherry coke. But jelly bellies in popcorn is a FABULOUS mix and I love it!

As for the book of Eat Pray Love -- I did read it, just finished it the other day. It was definitely interesting. I struggled in the beginning but then got into it and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Lesli said...

I read it when it first came out, must have been the winter of 2007. Didn't Oprah recommend it? Anyhow, I also struggled with the India portion of the story, all the meditating and vows of silence. Italy and eating was my favorite part! It was definitely a thought provoking story. I still need to read the book she wrote about her next marriage.

Thanks for your comments, girls!

Anonymous said...

When I first read the book, it annoyed me in some parts. I felt like she was kind of whining and moaning a lot when she was experiencing something so amazing that most people getting divorced don't experience. But I will still go see the movie because it looks good and we were just in Italy and I want to see the Italy part!!

hiyaluv said...

wow! i need to get to the movies. looks like you had a great time with the hubs:)